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LARed network:
Pediatric collaborative
latin american network

Latin America is a vast geopolitical area, with limited research on significant pediatric health problems and studies carried on this far (led by institutions from developed countries) have failed to address the challenges and pitfalls of acute care management of critically ill children in the region.

The main objective of LARed network is to build a strong Latin American collaborative network for critically ill children.
This network built on the principles of measure, learn, improve and share, with a 2-way flow of data design, will help to understand local reality and to combine peer effort to improve care and outcomes.

Currently, more than 30 centers from 9 countries are full members. A full detailed list of members can be found in this link.


Our main focus is to understand the incidence and management of acute respiratory failure in latino american children. We expect to reach 3000 patients by the second year. 

During the first semester of 2019 new projects will be launched including:

- severe TBI

- sepsis

- critically ill oncologic patients 

- functional outcome after PICU


LARed network is a member of Global Sepsis Alliance and COLAB initiative.

A comprehensive list of academic activities and publications can be found in this link.

Need more information, contact us:

Board of LARed

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